Working during COVID-19

I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy. Social distancing as we should, BUT, also staying active and motivated.

I just wanted to come on here for a few minutes and talk about how it has been working during this pandemic, and I will say, it has been good and, well, boring sometimes. 

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Hello friend reading this, I hope you are doing well and self isolating in this moment of time. I also hope you haven’t lost faith. It should always be faith over fear. Always.   Due to this pandemic, shipping times may be affected, but rest assured that I will do my very best to get your order delivered to you in good time. For now,   Follow the necessary directions given by these reliable sources below:     Stay Safe ! That is most important !     God Bless You ALL.

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What's New !

Hello my friends. It has been a while. I am still getting used this blogging thing. I never thought I was interesting, but hey, why not. I am GRADUATING IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS and I am SUPER EXCITED !  I realised school isn't for everyone, but I am proud of myself for pushing through and getting my degree. I truly believe knowledge is power, so for all those thinking of quitting and giving up or that you will not need it, trust me, one way or another, what you learned and experienced will come in handy one day. Anyway,...

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Thinking of my FUTURE

I'M LOGiiC is a platform I founded where I could keep myself busy and keep me pushing. It reassures me...

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